Low-cost Class-B AIS Transponder ZSA-1000


Note :

The Class-B AIS Transponder ZSA-1000 does require the user to have a radio operator' s licence.

Example of deployment of AIS transponder ZSA-1000 and Aids to Navigation AIS station "Akari".
For safety of coastal and harbour navigation, and during marine construction work.

Key Features

  1. 1. ZSA-1000 transmits its own vessel position and vessel data to other AIS equipped vessels, as well as receiving AIS data from all other vessels, shore stations and AIS aids to navigations within range.
  2. 2. Enables harbour authorities and marine works contractors to track their own vessels at all times, as well as monitor other AIS-equipped vessels in the vicinity.
  3. 3. Once an AIS network is established, the harbor administrator can identify any boat which is moved without prior authorization, and can take action or notify the owner of the boat.
  4. 4. The Class-B AIS Transponder ZSA-1000 can be one of the effective management tools for the purpose of harbour administration.