Approach lights

Development of standard-type approach lights

(Patent applied for)

標準型 Approach lights

As more and more ports become open 24 hours a day, large ships come into ports at night more and more often, thereby creating demand for guiding beacons (referred to as approach lights below) that help ships approach docks safely during the nighttime.
We recently developed a standard model for approach lights, which we have been designing in response to the needs of individual customers. Designed and shaped so as to be installed not only at a newly constructed wharf but also at a wharf that is already in use, the model is expected to generate new demand for navigation lights at wharfs.

  • The model produces two different lights, a horizontal (yellow) light and vertical (red) light, in two directions so as to enable a navigator to visually recognize approach lights without losing the sense of distance until just before docking at a wharf (Overview).
  • To make it possible to install it at a wharf currently in use, the model is designed to receive power from an independent power source using solar batteries.
  • Designed to be compact enough to be installed between parking chocks (Installation conditions).
  • Can be turned on and off using a magnet switch without opening the lid.
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