Power Source System

Zeni Lite Buoy’s direct current power source system transforms commercial alternating current into direct current so as to provide beacon lights with direct current electricity while at the same time float-charging a built-in storage battery. At the time of blackout, the system automatically provides beacon lights with power from the battery.
The system also contains a protective circuit designed to terminate the power supply if a power failure lasts longer than the battery duration in order to prevent over-discharge of the storage battery.
The system uses sealed lead storage batteries with high-efficiency discharge capacity that do not need maintenance, including water refilling.
Avoid installing the system in a place with direct sunlight as much as possible. Choose a place where the sensor part of the sunlight-controlled switch on the box cover can easily detect daylight and is not affected by other lights during the nighttime in order to ensure that beacon lights are turned on and off during the daytime and nighttime.